Find yourself faced with a move in the San Antonio, TX area or somewhere in state? A Lot More for Less Movers can help ease the stress of a big move with our complete, full service moving services. Our trusted movers have been trained to move your belongings with great care to avoid any damage whatsoever to any of them. We are equipped with a long list of supplies to help us move your belongings, no matter the size, with ease.

Residential House & Apartment Moving

If you need to move from your home or apartment and don’t know where to start, the professional movers at A Lot More for Less Movers can handle your move and get you going. Our team of movers with come with one goal in mind, to get you completely moved the right way. We have experience moving in all different situations and can help you move out of any residence in no time.

Commercial Office Moving

Sometimes you may find that you need to do some in-office moving. This needs to be done in an organized fashion and as efficiently as possible to avoid business disruption. We will work quickly to provide our customers with reliable in-office moves that will allow business to carry on as usual.

Commercial Business Relocation

Moving your entire business is no small task. It can be a challenge to get everything out in an orderly fashion. The expert movers at A Lot More for Less Movers have the experience needed to provide you with seamless moving services. We will get you settled into your new location with ease so you can pick up right where you left off.

Packing & Unpacking Services

As our team of professional movers pack your belongings, we do so with great care. We will meticulously wrap and secure each piece before placing it in sturdy boxes. Don’t worry about organization, because we will label your boxes thoroughly so items can be easily found once you make it to your new destination.

Loading & Unloading Moving Labor

We have a large amount of moving supplies that will ensure your belongings are kept safe as they are loaded and unloaded off the truck. We use mattress bags, hardwood runners, banister covers and door jamb protection so none of your furniture is damaged as it is moved. The loading and unloading process can be difficult when you face physical challenges and can be completely avoided when you choose us to help you with your move. Our trained staff will take all the back-breaking labor out of moving so you don’t have to worry about that exhausting task.

Overnight & Temporary Storage Between Moves

If you need to be out of your old place today, but can’t get into your new home or business premises until tomorrow, A Lot More for Less Movers can offer you secure ‘In the Truck’ storage overnight. We can pick up and securely pack your items one day, keep them on the truck overnight, and then deliver and unpack them the next morning at your new place (depending on truck availability).

Local Texas In State Moves

Let the team at A Lot More for Less Movers assist you with any of your local or in-state moves. When you enlist our help, it gives you the ability to pay attention to the other logistics that are involved with the moving process. Our friendly staff looks forward to helping you with the new change. Call us today!